Sustainable Hangers

A Responsible Attitude

As one of the original UK based hanger manufacturers with over 20 years’ experience, HOL is has an increased commitment to offering its quality products with sustainability at its core. 

Today’s hangers do not need to be costly to the environment – from wood, bamboo and wood pulp to 100% biodegradable plastic there are options that encourage a responsible attitude.

Sustainable Wooden Solutions

Using ecologically responsible woods are at the forefront of our hanger business. HOL is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which ensures we use woods from responsibly managed forests. Ethically sourced beech and lotus wood used within our European factories can be transformed into clothes hangers in any shape or style. Our hangers are shipped by road not air and therefore this helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Bamboo is an effective option – strong and lightweight it’s easier to cultivate due to its speed of growth. The leaves can either be harvested from the tree directly or those that have dropped naturally can be collected for use. These then are laminated using a bio resin to create a durable wooden hanger. 

Metal hardware can be easily removed and recycled allowing the hanger to be separated and repurposed.

Card and Wood Pulp

These options are constructed of recycled paper / wood. Using a secondary material has obvious benefits over using virgin materials. The hangers are lightweight, compact and 100% biodegradable. Natural vegetable dyes can also be used to colour and brand hangers. 

Card and wood pulp options can then be recycled again for a limited time.

Plastic and Biodegradable plastic

Today’s plastics can offer a credible option when wanting to use plastic more responsibly. Far from relying on potentially harmful single use plastic, recent technologies are at the forefront in the development of new plastics in the quest to become more sustainable. 

HOL uses post-consumer and factory waste plastic in its recycled hangers. Our aim to provide products that are able to be repurposed or can be disposed in an ecological manner. 

Hangers made from PLA (polylactic acid) and PP (polypropylene) plastics allow customers the choice on either wanting to recycle or dispose of their hangers. 

PLA is an option for a biodegradable hanger. Natural materials such as wheat straw can be added to PLA to make a strong hanger that can be biodegradable under specific heated conditions. 

PP plastics are more commonly used as these can be used and re cycled an infinite number of times helping to control waste.

HOL Sustainability is part of the HOL Group – a diverse range of creative brands that specialise in retail and hospitality by providing original, engaging concepts to its customers along with practice and commercial visual solutions.