Sustainable Mannequins

New technologies are now offering a fresh approach to mannequin manufacturing by becoming more responsible and offering various sustainable options.

Paper Paste

Our paper paste mannequins are produced from 100% recycled paper paste – one of the most ecological options. We collect paper and card from certified waste recovering plants and then crush this to make pulp. The base mix does not contain any adhesives or toxic substances and therefore makes the material completely recyclable and biodegradable.

A vacuum system is used to inject the moulds to give shape and definition. Vegetable dyes are used in the production process to add colour and therefore eliminates the use of toxic paints. 

Fittings are made from 100% recyclable steel, so following the separation process, all elements can be re purposed or disposed of responsibly.

Plastic PU

Polyurethane (PU) is one of the most versatile plastic materials. Ranging from flexible foam to solid materials, its chemistry allows PU to be adapted into specific shapes and therefore makes PU an effective alternative to traditional fibreglass. 

Our PU mannequins are made from a high-quality material that is both abrasion and impact resilient whilst resistant to oil water and grease. We produce out of our European factories that ensures a quicker production and lead time whilst also reducing our carbon footprint as these mannequins are not shipped by air.

Like other plastics PU can be recycled in various ways to remove it from the waste system – making it highly sustainable if disposed of in a responsible way.

PU is recycled in two primary ways;
• Mechanical recycling – the material is returned to the polymer form.
• Chemical recycling – the material is returned to the various chemical constituents.

Colour can also be added to the material during production to alter colour.

Repurposing Fibreglass

We are currently developing a new service to repurpose fibreglass from pre used mannequins and therefore avoiding them to reaching landfill.

HOL will collect pre used mannequins that are at the end of their life and re purpose the material by grinding it down into a sand like material. This then can be used in cement and other materials within the construction industry and also avoids using virgin sand.

Other components (metal or plastic) will be removed in our UK processing site and recycled.

Fibreglass has one of the lowest carbon footprints during manufacture, so the ability to repurpose it is a huge step forward.

HOL aims for this service to available to customers regardless of the mannequin’s origin.


A complete mannequin renovation service is also available as an alternative to recycling. Mannequins can have their life extended by repairing cracks, damages, respraying, and remodelling within the UK.

Our expert team can update tiered forms to look new again. The service helps eliminate disposal of mannequins and is available to all mannequins irrespective of their origin.

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